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FINALLY, All the Details On the New AFI Album: ‘Burials’ Out 10/22 with Fall Tour

23 Jul

It’s called Burials! It’s coming out October 22!

A lot’s been happening in the last few weeks/months, so I’ma break it down for you:

April 17: AFI upload this video to their YouTube account out of the blue. At this point, it’d been over three years of silence, rumors of a breakup and a dead URL that redirects to their Facebook page. Watch below:

May 15 – July 2: The random video uploads continue in the form of a series of five cryptic teaser videos that wind up seeming a lot more substantive than they actually are: “Convergence,” “No Harbingers,” “Openings,” “Silence,” and “The Rite.” The OMB (Official Message Board) freaks out and thinks it’s the beginning of a new Clandestine-style mystery, but ultimately find nothing.

July 1: Our friend Aaron Axelsen (the Live 105 God and AFI BFF) reportedly slips up and Tweets to a fan that he’s expecting a new AFI single, “17 Crimes,” to be promoted to radio in early August. The Tweet is later deleted. MTV reveals later that same day that an LA Riots remix of “17 Crimes” is confirmed to be on the soundtrack for upcoming teen fantasy flick The Mortal Instruments.

July 13: AFI News HQ reports on rumors of another upcoming single called “I Hope You Suffer.” The track appeared in an Amazon search, complete with album art and a release date of July 23. Universal Republic’s Norwegian site confirms.

July 15: A new Mortal Instruments TV spot is released, featuring what sounds a lot like an AFI song – and not a dance remix. Watch (and hear) below:

July 16: AFI News HQ reports that the band is shooting a new music video!(!!!!) Someone on Instagram (presumably from the production company) posted pics from the set, and they’re tagged “#IHopeYouSuffer”

July 17: Members of the AFI mailing list got this blast early in the morning. What does it mean?????

The weird symbols spell out “I Hope You Suffer,” which unofficially confirms the name of the lead single…

July 18: After hours upon hours of excruciating waiting, “I Hope You Suffer” is uploaded to stream on AFI’s site. Hopefully a video is to come soon, but a two-day turnaround would have been ridiculous anyway. Official word confirms a July 23 release date for purchase.

July 23: Davey speaks. Rolling Stone published an interview with him today (July 23), where he talks everything Burials, and they officially name an October 22 release date. Here are some of the more interesting excerpts:

“It is certainly – embarrassingly so – a very dark album, especially in its candidness, which is something, to be honest, that’s disappointing to me. It’s something I just keep coming back to – I can’t escape it. It’s always a joy to me to reach away from that. But the themes and sentiments on this record are within that darker realm and that darker tone because I’ve always been honest in everything that I write. It’s beyond me. I’m crippled. There’s nothing I can do but be genuine in my writing, and that’s what came out this time – without any sort of pointed effort.”

“This album is very layered and very rich and far, far less straightforward than what we did on the last record, which – much like every record we create – was the result of a natural growth, a natural indication of where we are as songwriters now. This record has no chance of being anything else other than what it came to be. It was inside us in a way. I know that sounds a bit dramatic. But it’s true: When Jade and I began writing – two years ago, I believe – we were immediately quite prolific. The songs just came out, and they came out in relatively similar forms to the songs that people will hear on the record.”

“The writing has never been casual for us. It was similar to the last record in that we worked every day. But on this occasion, I’d been living a few miles away from Jade, and we would meet every day for about a year and a half until the record was done. Eventually, we started taking weekends off, but at the top of it, we would meet every day in a small room in the Hollywood Hills in my friend’s house, which is actually set into the hill…And we wrote a lot of songs as we typically do.”

“Jade and I tend to converge. Our writing process is somewhat surreal at times when we’ll be working on something, and we’ll have the exact same idea for a part in a song or a movement or a top-line or a conceptual part or a reference. And that was more prominent in this writing process – that reoccurance of that convergence of our visions – than any other record before.”

Also in today’s news is a slew of tour dates, as reported by Alternative Press. Tickets go on sale Thursday (July 25):

9/12 Minneapolis, MN Varsity Theater
9/13 Detroit, MI St. Andrews Hall
9/15 Chicago, IL Humboldt Park/Riot Fest
9/16 Cleveland, OH House of Blues
9/18 St. Louis, MO The Pageant
9/19 Lawrence, KS Granada Theater
9/21 Byers, CO May Farms, Riot Fest
10/7 Boston, MA Royale
10/8 Washington, DC 9:30 Club
10/11 Philadelphia, PA Theatre of Living Arts
10/12 Sayreville, NJ Starland Ballroom
10/13 New York, NY Webster Hall
10/14 Pittsburgh, PA Club Zoo
10/15 Cincinnati, OH Bogart’s
10/17 Houston, TX Warehouse Live
10/18 Austin, TX Mohawk
10/20 Tempe, AZ Marquee Theatre
10/22 Los Angeles, CA Henry Fonda Theatre
10/23 San Diego, CA House of Blues
10/25 Pomona, CA Fox Theater
10/26 Las Vegas, NV House of Blues
10/28 Santa Cruz, CA The Catalyst
10/29 Reno, NV Knitting Factory
10/31 Portland, OR Roseland Theatre
11/1 Seattle, WA The Showbox at the Market
11/2 Vancouver, BC The Commodore Ballroom



Top 5 April Favorites

30 Apr

Pop Jumper April Favorites

It’s the end of the month, and you know what that means (JK, no, you actually don’t): the first installment of my monthly faves! This is self-explanatory; read on!

5. RiRi Woo

The first product shots of Rihanna’s new lipstick for MAC Costemtics have hit the web! RiRi Woo is a signature red shade based on MAC’s cult fave Ruby Woo – this time formulated to perfectly match the rest of RiRi’s capsule collection AND inscribed with her signature on the product itself. Our girl will be exclusively rocking the collection on her Diamonds World Tour, so fans looking to nab her beauty look will be able to purchase all the same products she’s using on stage. For me, though, the cute packaging is enough to make me want it.

4. Justin Timberlake’s “Mirrors”

While the video for this song, also out this month, doesn’t really do it for me, the track itself is on virtually permanent repeat on my Spotify playlist. I’m convinced that producer Timbaland must be some kind of voodoo wizard whose power only extends to JT – not that he’s not ALWAYS a great producer (because he is), but whenever those two come together it’s like you know it’ll be a hit before you even have to hit play (Ahem, “Cry Me a River“/”SexyBack“/”Carry Out“)

3. Ke$ha’s New Look

Ke$ha has morphed into a different human…has anyone else noticed this? Why doesn’t she look crazy anymore? Although I’m literally in love with her new look, something about this is unsettling. This isn’t Ke$ha. Who are you and what have you done with our Jack-teeth-brushing-dying-young party animal?

The photo above is from her recent Jimmy Kimmel appearance (she removes her glasses for the interview, confirming that this is, indeed Ke$ha.) Honestly, if you told me the girl pictured was a celebrity, but didn’t say who, I can’t say I’d be able to ID her. That’s really bad for a music writer, but come on! Look at her!

Check out some more snaps from the past few months below:

Also jumping on the natural beauty train this month (and KILLING IT) is honorable mention Nicki Minaj. Peep her in her “High School” video and Elle cover.

2. AFI Returns(!!!)

2006-era TRL darlings AFI are back after a(n unofficial) hiatus. They posted a teaser trailer to their YouTube video after being 100% inactive across all online media for probably about four years. The thing about it, though, is that it doesn’t say exactly what the teaser is for. Some moody black-and-white shots of front man Davey Havok walking down a hallway with a monologue voice over culminate in title screens saying “A Fire Inside” and “September 2013.”

While various music sites are reporting this as confirmation of the band’s long-awaited ninth album, fans on the official message board (YES, my inner 14-year-old AFI fan club member is showing. So what.) are no where near as optimistic. Maybe a tour. Maybe this is a teaser for a bigger announcement in September (does that even make any sense at all?)

Either way, NOTHING is confirmed, so what I’m basically saying is to ignore the shit other sites are posting about it.

As AFI’s number one fan (if you haven’t already figured it out), I can tell you one thing: this band loves to fuck with fans and use social media and the internet to spread really cryptic (literally) messages and e-treasure hunts that almost never lead to where you think you’re going. (I bold-ed that because you should really click on it.)

1. Jay-Z’s 2013 Made in America Lineup

Well, if my GIF post about this wasn’t enough of a giveaway, I am TOTALLY STOKED on this year’s lineup. Might even warrant a trip to Philly. It really speaks for itself.

My Reactions to Jay-Z’s ‘Made in America’ Lineup as GIFs

12 Apr
Basically how I felt.

Basically how I felt.

So Jay-Z announced this year’s Made in America (his Philly music fest) lineup this week. The lineup itself is old news by now (find it here) – I just need to talk about the way in which Jay chose to deliver the information to us common people.

Because it wasn’t just some snazzy graphic/e-poster uploaded to the event’s website or a press release or anything like that. Obviously something normal like that is just way too basic for Jay.

No, Made in America is the reason that you would have found me glued to my computer for an HOUR on Wednesday afternoon, watching a SPOTIFY playlist populate with tracks from the artists to be featured at this year’s Made in America. YES.

First of all, I was already impressed by the originality of the overall idea. I don’t think anyone has done this before, and it’s cool to see a business partnership work out as being honestly cool and not forced or weird. It really worked for the benefit of the event and showed off Spotify’s capabilities, and that was just really beautiful to me, okay.

Secondly, there was SERIOUS TACT to this. Someone was clearly paid to devise the plan of who would be added to the playlist when. This was not some willy-nilly order and OBVIOUSLY they couldn’t just publish the complete playlist at once.

So this lineup unveiling became an event in and of itself, full of emotion and suspense that effectively makes me want to travel to Philadelphia just for this one event because I already feel emotionally invested in the Made in America brand, you guys.

So here I am, Spotify open, waiting…

Nine Inch Nails was the first to be announced. Last year Pearl Jam co-headlined with Jay himself (kind of WUT), so I suppose NIN is the new Pearl Jam this year. Fine.

Next was Solange. I was basically like is this a joke. Does anyone care about Solange? Are you just doing this because you have to to please your wife? Are these seriously the first two artists you’re pulling out the hat? Give me a break.

Lady Gaga OK

Then a slew of more acts I didn’t care about popped up, like The Gaslight Anthem, Emeli Sandé (Who is she, really? Does the music industry just feel like they owe her something because she won that Grammy?), Walk the Moon, etc.

I was getting real bored, BUT THEN, Kendrick Lamar’s “Poetic Justice,” featuring Drake came up and I was like HELL YES.


I LOVE me some K-Dot lately. It was pretty mean to put a song featuring Drake, though, because he’s not on the bill. So what was that. Don’t mess with grey areas like that, I’m already way more emotional than a person who’s just looking at a Spotify playlist should be.

Next was some more indie acts including electronic producer Wolfgang Gartner, who’s pretty dece. I found early on that the trick to getting through this emotional roller coaster was to distract myself by playing the parts of the playlist I liked, and before I knew it, something else I was interested in would pop up. Tracks were added about two minutes apart, so this worked well.

So I was just chillin’ with “Poetic Justice” on repeat when WIZ KHALIFA showed up to the party. Things were turning around.

Tom Felton Very Good

(Yes, that is Draco Malfoy.)

An EDM duo very dear to my heart, Nero, was announced soon after (for those who don’t know – aka everyone – they were the subject of my extremely disastrous first-ever backstage interview at a music festival, but were so insanely sweet and made me feel not like an idiot and the interview turned out totally fine, etc etc etc. It was all logistic error on the organizer’s fault. OBVIOUSLY I have no flaws).

ANYWAY, that was all fine and good, but then another slew of really boring things started coming one after the other, and I was pretty much like, “This is on the downhill,” “What am I even waiting for anymore,” “Was NIN seriously the biggest thing here, like, come on.” Calvin Harris pops as a second-time Made in America artist and I’m just like really …….. this is all you’re giving me right now.

Lady Gaga

Phoenix is added next, and I’m like “Alright. That’s not so bad…FOR A MUSIC FEST IN TWO-THOUSAND-AND-NINE.”

But really, considering how expertly Jay brought together urban, pop, EDM and alternative artists last year, I was happy someone as good as Phoenix would be appearing to represent their respective genre. Good.

Porter Robinson, another EDM artists was added – I started to (and still) fear this this is going to be a little heavy on the “rave”y artists, but I guess you have to follow trends to make money, amiright.

Well whatever, none of this matters because MF-ing 2 CHAINZ IS GONNA BE THERE. When “I’m Different” popped up as I was listening to something else on the list I metaphorically jumped. I mean, I was laying in bed, but in my head maybe I could have done a simultaneous horizontal hover. Or something.

Can't Even Explain



HOW COME THEY DECIDED TO DO TWO BIG ONES IN A ROW. I didn’t know, but I was glad things were starting to heat up, because the beginning would have been enough to make me leave and come back when it was over. Except I did have to watch it in real time because my other job was paying me to do that. Aka reporting.

Next, a few more, including: Public Enemy (cool), Queens of the Stone Age (again with the “TWO-THOUSAND-AND-NINE” comment) and Deadmau5 (again with the “‘rave’y” comment).

I want to add, too, that at this point it had been about an hour. When will it end? Where’s the other headliner? Is it supposed to be one of these rappers already mentioned? Is Jay performing like he did last year? Finally, the last artist was added, and…








Lady Gaga Honey B

Then they also threw Miguel on the end and then repositioned the track into the middle of the playlist because they forgot about it! Miguel!!!!! “Adorn”!!!!!

So even amongst all the things I didn’t even mention because I don’t think I care about them, we still have all these great people taking the stage this year, an awesome mix of genres, and an opportunity to get to know the people I don’t think I care about, because they’re probably all great too!

Raise a glass to Jay for saving the best for last, I suppose.