Everyone Can Stop Talking About Lady Gaga’s Wheelchair Now

15 Mar

Lady GagaIn case you haven’t already heard the news: Lady Gaga got a wheelchair (she just had hip surgery).

But not just a basic hospital-issued chariot, no. Gags went and got herself a gold-plated designer wheelchair. Only the best.

Me, being the average, lowly citizen that I am, couldn’t care less what music’s elite chose to spend their money on in their spare time (JK, why would I even be writing about this?), but MANY PEOPLE, it seems, have taken issue with the fact that this particular wheelchair cost over 2,500 dollars.

“Why couldn’t she have donated the money to charity?”

“What example is she setting to her fans with her wasteful spending?”

Two things:

#1, You’re delusional if you think she had to pay a penny for jewelry designer Ken Borochov to get his name slapped all over the press for designing this thing. The thing about celebrities is that they have All Of The Money but they get everything for free. (Proof. It’s true because it’s on the Internet.)

#2, A gold wheelchair that only cost a couple thousand bones is probably one of the cheapest, most unexciting pieces of bullshit Lady G has paraded around with. Has the world forgotten her vast collection of Alexander McQueen and Giuseppe Zanotti, not to mention things like that one time she commissioned a custom egg to be made? And check out her latest tour rider (spoiler: a mannequin with pink pubic hair.)

All I’m saying is that even though it seems unfair in some cases, you get to spend what you make in this world. And if someone is trying to make an example of a celebrity that spends undeserved money, Gaga is, like, the worst person to pick because she works harder than 99.9% of other contemporary pop stars.

Oh, and also this is the wheelchair:

Gaga Wheelchair

Casual. Can you even blame her?


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